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Hello Folks,


As of this writing I have composed my 13th release.

 Every album has been a snapshot of where I was in my life.


We are going to go in the way back machine to the the late 90’s.

We will start with the first record.


Nomadic Sanctuary - Luxuries Of Youth - 1998

This is the first record we ever made.

It was a demo recorded in a garage with dirt floors.

I just bought a Yamaha MD4 Minidisc 4 track with leftover proceeds from my Audio Engineering School student loan savings. We rented a drum kit from Long And McQuade with pie plate cymbals, and we cut it quick.  We were between drummers, and we needed to get it done so I played drums on the album.


Nomadic Sanctuary was Anthony Bulescu, and myself. We had quite the history. We went to the same elementary school.


We recorded, released this album which I still call a demo as it was a snapshot of what was to come. Anthony left the band in 1999, and  I tried to keep things going. He came up with Nomadic Sanctuary, and I asked him if I could keep the name.


Subway Blues

Where’ve You Been

Mean Sun

Mine All Mine


Friar’s Point

Cold n’ Black

Out Of This Place

Lost Without You

Material Bliss

Raquel On The Wall


*Graphic Design - Paul Romanowski

Nomadic Sanctuary - Stellar Heights - 2001

Some of the songs from Luxuries Of Youth were

resurrected for this album.  

Mark Fabricius (Drummer), and I were playing in a cover band at the time, and we would sit on the grass in front of the rehearsal space talking about all the bands we liked while the other band members would argue. I had some songs and booked some time at Seaside Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We went in and cut it with just guitar, scratch vocals, and drums with me on bass and other overdubs added later. Shawn Cole Engineered, and Co-Produced it. The Album was released independently in 2001. I like the stripped down approach to this album.



Heaven’s Day

Cold And Black

Stellar Heights


Mean Sun

Waiting On A Call


Where’ve You Been

Wheels Of Your Mind



Nomadic Sanctuary - Phantom Passenger - 2003

This was an interesting record. Anthony Bulescu came back into the band for a short time. He cut the bass tracks for the album, played a few shows with us and left the band again. Travis Simons filled the bass duties for a while until he moved on to other things.  A lot of this album was tracked in my one bedroom apartment other than the drums recorded at Mark Fabricius’ parents house.




Ever On

Sober Sunday

Phantom Passenger

Heaven’s Day (2003) Version


Lucid Eden - 2004

This one is sort of my first solo record in a strange way. It was another project name, but just me playing most of the instruments.  Mark Fabricius from Nomadic Sanctuary played drums on Winter Of Discontent.




All For You

Deep Blue Dream

The Hedonist

Winter Of Discontent

Sunset Over Saturn

Real Me

Sick At Heart

Speed Of Life


Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered @ Creative Intelligence Music - October 2003 - April 2004.

Graphic Design - Paul Romanowski

Nomadic Sanctuary - Self Titled - 2007

This record took us a couple of years to write, rehearse, & record. This was the first record we wrote as a band.  The record was recorded in my home studio. It was a 2 storey small house in Burnaby, British Columbia. The house was torn down about 5 years ago and replaced by highrises.  One standout track is Straitjacket Polka/Redneck Chicken. The band all played various percussion on it including the washer, dryer, water heater pipes in the basement.



Wayne Schmidt - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Shaker. Washer & Dryer

Mark Fabricius - Drums, Drum Machine, Drumsticks, Cymbals, China Gong, Djembe, Beer Bottle, Wine Glass, And Spoken Word. Washer And Dryer

Scott Archibald - Bass, Vocals, Piano, Organ, Water heater Pipe, Shaker, & Synth.


Portraits Of The Past


The Art Of Dying

My Soul Mate

Instro Demento

Two Brothers

Perfect World/Life Sounds

Straitjacket Polka/Redneck Chicken


Wayne thanks Irene & Philip Schmidt, Katherine Kambylfkas, Nickolas Schmidt for the inspiration, and James Adams.

Mark thanks Per & Jane Fabricius.

Scott dedicates this album to his dear brother Patrick (1981 - 2006)


Produced by Nomadic Sanctuary.

Engineered by Wayne Schmidt @ Creative Intelligence Music.  

Mixed by Nomadic Sanctuary.

Mastered by Craig Waddell @ Gotham City Studios.  

Graphic design by Paul Romanowski.


Black Letter Days - 2010

Black Letter Days was a short lived band project, but fun.

The band was Wayne Schmidt - vocals, guitars, mandolin, & keyboards.

James P. Adams - drums, melodian, guitars & background vocals.

Lora Peeler - bass & background Vocals.


Album Credits

  • David Clark - background vocals on Caffeine Queen.

  • Recorded & mixed @ Creative Intelligence Music And Irmin Street Studio.

  • Produced & engineered By Wayne Schmidt.

  • Mastered @ Digital Sound Magic By Richard Dolmat.

  • Songs written by Wayne Schmidt except Song For Someone - Written by Wayne Schmidt & James Adams.

  • Graphic design by Paul Romanowski.

  • Album photography: Marco Antonio Lopez Marin.


Caffeine Queen

All For You

Song For Someone

You Will Know

Stars Look Down

Model Pisces


Organized Chaos

Black Letter Day


All songs © 2010 Creative Intelligence Music


Black Letter Days - Extended Play - 2011

This is a limited edition promo CD we cut live in the studio

I was working as a Producer & Assistant Engineer at another studio in Burnaby, British Columbia at the time, and we cut this during some down time.



She’s Precious

Speed Of Life

Black Letter Day (2011 Version) - We also made a music video for this song.


All songs written by Wayne Schmidt. © 2011

Engineered, produced, mixed & mastered by Wayne Schmidt.

Wayne Schmidt - Greetings From The Here And Now - 2013

The title track was written in a motel room in Lubbock, Texas when I was on vacation there.  

I’m a huge Buddy Holly fan. He was my first Rock n’ Roll influence.  It’s probably my favorite record that I have done.


Wayne Schmidt: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, & Keyboards.


Special Guests

Mark Fabricius - drums

Shane Blynn - guitar on stare

Steve Tomiuk - piano on Empty Days

James Adams - mandolin on letterbox

Pat Darcus - doghouse bass on letterbox

Rory Biggins - drums on shadowy plots & nefarious schemes, and letterbox

Nickolas Schmidt - background vocals on remember me



Screaming Psyche

Greetings From The Here & Now

Shadowy Plots And Nefarious Schemes

The Hype Machine

Little Hitler’s

Friar’s Point



Remember Me

Burning Car

Empty Days

Brick & Mortar

Bhangrilah (Bonus Track)


  • Recorded @ Saturn’s Child Studio & Mission Music Lessons

  • All songs written by Wayne Schmidt © 2013 Creative Intelligence Music.

  • Cover illustration: Nickolas Schmidt.

  • Album photography by Pink Umbrella Photography

  • Graphic design by Paul Romanowski

Purchase Here


Wayne Schmidt - 706 Union Avenue E.P. - 2014

This was mostly recorded at Saturn’s Child Studio.

I tracked the vocals, and guitars for Disappearing Ink @ Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee while on vacation.

I love the fingerpicking sound on Disappearing Ink. It captures the live room of Sun studio that we’ve heard on so many of those great old records.


Devil’s Tree

Disappearing Ink


Produced & Engineered by Wayne Schmidt.

Additional Engineering by Matt Ross Spang.

Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drum Loops - Wayne Schmidt

Purchase Here

Conscientious Objectors - Allies? - 2016



Wayne Schmidt: Guitars, Bass, Bouzouki, Drums

Steve Tomiuk: Keyboards, Bass, Rhythm Guitar On Tracks 11, 13, And 15.

Special Guests

Scott Archibald - Bowed bass on Man Of The Hour & The Art Of Conversation

Nickolas Schmidt - Background Vocals On Too Many Locusts


Recorded, Mixed And Mastered At Saturn’s Child Studio August 2015 - April 2016

Engineered, Produced, Mixed & Mastered By Wayne Schmidt.


Intro to Clarion Call recorded at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee on the

1947 Voice-o-graph Machine.


Graphic design by Paul Romanowski


Lyrics written by Wayne Schmidt.

Music for tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 14 written by Wayne Schmidt

Music for tracks 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 15 written by Steve Tomiuk © 2016



The Jig Is Up (Oh Yeah)

Clarion Call

Too Many Locust’s

Elephant In The Room

Dead Giveaway

Good Girl Friday

Man Of The Hour

The Art Of Conversation

The Downward Climb

We Carry Forward (Part 1)

We Carry Forward (Part 2)

An Open Canvas

House Of Hows

Orwell Was Right

Failsafe Loopholes

Purchase Here.

Conscientious Objectors - Tombs And Time Capsules Single

& Video 2017

The Conscientious Objectors find themselves in the midst of a mystical gypsy lair, where the gypsy queen entertains as their host.

Check out the band at

Produced & Directed by 
Markham Samuels

Wayne Schmidt
Steve Tomiuk
Scott Archibald

Maricela Zepeda as 'Gypsy Queen’
Stephanie Schiffner as ‘Gypsy Scarlet’
Stefanie Cornell as ‘Crystal Ball Gypsy’
Stephanie Polok as ‘Gypsy Loomis’

Markham Samuels - Director of Photography & Editor
Renee Bourget - Key Make-Up
Marie-Camille MC - Key Grip
Dean Boychuk - Driver

Nickolas Schmidt - Young Wayne
Celia Rayner - Gypsy
Jo Ann Rayner - Gypsy

Special Thanks to
Dean Boychuk

Music by
Wayne Schmidt
Steve Tomiuk
Shaun Zavarise

Tombs and Time Capsules (c) 2017 Words and Music by Wayne Schmidt
Creative Intelligence Music / Saturn’s Child Studio

Music Video produced by Whitelf Films


Watch the video here 

Wayne Schmidt - The Descendant - Volume One - 2019



Street Savvy Wise Cracker

The Descendant

Bootlegger’s Blues

Let’s Remove The Warning Labels



Anyone Can Be President

Going Down On Tuesday


Acronyms For Everything

Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out

The Filthy Fifteen

Defend The Defenseless

Release Date: April 27th, 2019


All songs written, produced, and engineered by Wayne Schmidt.

© 2019 (p) 2019 - Creative Intelligence Music/Saturn’s Child Recordings

*All instruments/vocals unless otherwise noted performed by Wayne Schmidt.

Special Guests:

*Shaun Zavarise - Drums on Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out.

  • Nick Schmidt - Percussion on Going Down On Tuesday.


Recorded @ Saturn’s Child Recordings & The Next Door Studio.


Special Thanks to My family (Nick, & Kathy), My friends (Eric Thorsteinson, Pat Darcus, Scott Archibald, Mark Fabricius, Jo Ann Rayner, Shaun Zavarise for playing drums on D.L.T.D.H.Y.A.O.T.W.O. and Conscientious Objectors (Steve Tomiuk & Lucas Furseth).

Purchase Here

The Brotherhood Of The Scapegoat - All Quiet On The Country & Western Front - 2020


Tornadoes Going To Take Your Trailer Away

Balls In Your Purse

Pet Peeves Of A Modern Man

Hoe In The Hay

We'll Never Know

F&*k You And The Horse You Rode In

The Sporting House

Wide Eyed & Innocent

The Real Me

Release Date: July 3rd, 2020


  • Jebediah Jeremiah Ford - Vocals, Guitars

Banjo, Mandolin, Drums & Percussion.

  • Smiley Grimshaw - Doghouse Bass, Electric Bass, & Baritone Guitar.

  • Steve Tomiuk - keys

  • Charlie Hase - Pedal Steel

  • Mike Sanyshyn - Fiddle

  • This album was recorded between December 2019, and May 2020 @ The Next Door Studio.

  • Mixed & Mastered @ Saturn's Child Recordings

  • Engineered, Mixed & Mastered By Wayne Schmidt.

  • Assisted By Pat Darcus, exept for the pedal steel - Engineered by Charlie Hase, the fiddle - Engineered by Mike Sanyshyn, and the keys - Engineered by Steve Tomiuk.

  • All Songs Written By Wayne Schmidt (c) 2020.

  • Special Thanks To: Pat Darcus, Steve Tomiuk, Charlie Hase, Miike Sanyshyn, Clint Lollar, Dean Boychuk, Jo Ann Rayner, Kathy Kambylafkas, Nick Schmidt, and Eric Thorsteinson.

  • This album is in memory of Philip Joseph Schmidt

       December 24th, 1919 - November 23rd, 2014

Click here to purchase

Wayne Schmidt - The Descendant - Volume Two - 2022


Famous Atheists

I'll Drive The Hearse

Cancer Culture

E-Reptile Dysfunction/Neo Krautrock

The Liberation Of Truth

Antisocial Butterfly

Selling Secrets

Page By Page

The Next Big Distraction

Your Komrade The Robot


Us Against The World

Release Date: April 1st, 2022


Wayne Schmidt - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, & Drums. (Unless otherwise


Pat Darcus: Fretless bass on page by page.

Shane Blynn: Guitar On Page By Page

Steve Tomiuk: Keys on Liberation Of Truth & Page By Page.

  • All songs written by Wayne Schmidt except for Cancer Culture.

  • Music by Wayne Schmidt/Lyrics by Nick and Wayne Schmidt.

  • Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered By Wayne Schmidt @ Saturn's Child Recordings. Drums Recorded At Next Door Studio.


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